Burundi English School (BES)

The Burundi English School (BES) is a non–profit private English school which currently offers opportunities for students to learn from Kindergarten through to Grade 13. All subjects are taught in English and the expectation is that all students will have a sound grasp of the English Language by the time they complete the general humanities in Grade 13. However, as French and Kirundi are official languages used in administrative affairs in Burundi, BES offers formal French and Kirundi classes from Grade One.

 The focus on teaching in the English language was legitimized when Burundi integrated the East African Community where English is the official language for administration and trade; therefore, BES teaching system enables students at their graduation to be competitive on national, regional and even international markets of employment.

The BES motto is “Excellence in Education” as our aim is to maximize our students’ learning experiences as to prepare them to enter Higher Education with Excellent standards. BES also strives to promote Excellence in the social, physical, and emotional growth of our students. Another important factor that enhances BES students’ learning capacities is the amount of time that a student receives in individual instructions. BES is proud to state that its small class size policy gives to its students many opportunities to work closely with its excellent teaching staff as they are able to make a regular follow up of the learning progress of each individual student. BES offers students enough time to do practical works, revise their notes, conduct research and explore their talents. All students spend afternoons at school.

Children learn in an active and enriched environment by using well-developed materials and learning aids. BES uses a Western Canadian Curriculum called the Western Canadian Protocol. This curriculum is internationally recognized, as schools in Western Canada have scored in the top ten of more than 55 countries being evaluated. Each year, at least two Canadian volunteer educators help with the implementation of this Western Canadian Curriculum. All BES teachers are English-speaking Burundians with a sound grasp of the English language, the Western Canadian Protocol, and are all very good educators.

After completing Grade 9, the students at BES switch to Senior High School in the International Pearson Edexcel Teaching programme. They sit for the International General Certificate for Secondary Education exams (O level) after Grade 11, International Advanced Subsidiary Level after G12 and Advanced level after Grade 13. Thanks to the partnership between BES and The King’s School of Bujumbura which is an Examination centre recognized by Pearson Edexcel, the International Pearson Edexcel evaluation system evaluates the level of achievement of BES students in both IGCSE and IAL and recognize their final certificates so that they are able to join Higher Education in any University using English as the teaching language.

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A newsletter is sent to parents every month and other memos to parents are sent home via our students whenever it is necessary. We try to provide a French translation of all notices and memo for parents’ convenience. WhatsApp groups for each grade have also been created to facilitate communication with parents.

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